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“There and Back Again: A Hobbit’s Tale” — title of book read to Sam by Frodo, in LOTR: The Return of the King


So if you’re a psychic, or if you just plain ol’ got the hint from my previous post, there’s a (kinda) new logo in town.

I’d been looking for some pop on this blog, something that would convey, immediately, the essence of it; I wanted the sight of it to be immediately associated with Louis. In this world of branding, I realized the title of the blog wasn’t enough. It had to be zippy, cool, relevant. Most of all, as Louis had said, I wanted to be inspired when I came home to my blog. I guess most bloggers come to this point, including Louis, and now so have I.

I’d remembered when my brother first got his logo. He was excited. He appreciated the nuisances of branding. After reading his posts, I wanted a logo too. But what? It called to me.

I liked his logo, I liked it when I first saw it. It’s zippy, cool, and certainly relevant for this blog. At the same time, it pained me that something that he was so excited about, that something with so much positive energy associated with it, was now defunct. So I decided to dust it off, give it a fresh look, and use it here on my blog. It just feels right.

What would Louis say about all this? Probably something along the lines of:

“Yoooooo! You’re a biiiiiii-ter!”

Lol. Guilty as charged.

Thanks to Karen at karenfloyddesigns.com for the great work!

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