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A battle of wills

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” –common proverb


I think about a lot of things when I run: My pace, my breathing, how far I want to run, and a few other things. For the first half mile, I feel great; I feel I can run all day. Then it starts to set in: the slight burn in my legs, a bit of labored breathing, and arms that feel like they’ve got a tad more extra pounds attached to them.

“No sweat,” I think, “just a little burn.”

At a mile is where I really feel it: More leg burning, heavier arms, and a more concentrated effort to control my breathing. This is when the mental battle begins:

“Do I really feel like running today?”

“Why’d I get up so early – I shoulda stayed sleeping.”

“I don’t think I can go on much longer.”

“I’m tired. A mile is good, I’ll do more tomorrow.”

“I hate this, why am I doing this?”

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“You’ll know at the Finish line.” —The Spartan Race

When I ran the Super Spartan Race last month, my goal wasn’t to win. I just wanted to be sure I would be able to finish while not killing myself. That meant I had to prepare.

The Spartan Race publishes daily WOD (Workout of the Day) routines via email. Anyone can subscribe. They offer suggested routines to help prepare for the race and to stay fit. I often get ideas from these and incorporate them into my own. Here’s one of my favorites – I call it, the Spartan Fox:

1). Run 2.5 miles, preferably to a park.

2). Max-out on each of the following:

Declined push-ups
Leg raises

3). Run 0.25 miles

4). Repeat 2-3 one to three times.

5). Run 1 – 2.5 miles.

Think you can finish? Lol.

Logo rising

“[taps the Bat-signal] Nice.” — Batman to Lt. Gordon, in Batman Begins

I’ve been spending more time recently on my blog: writing, reading, exploring. The more I look around the more I realize something’s missing. My brother said that your blog is your home. If that’s true, then mine looks as if I just moved in: no furniture, so to speak – Something’s needed…