On blogging

“What would Albert Einstein say about Social Media?  Maybe, ‘Eureka! Eureka!‘ ” — Louis Pagan

I remember when blogs first started sweeping the internet. They were everywhere. Blogs popped up on every possible subject and continue to do so today (this blog is a case in point :)), remaining a great medium to quickly disperse ideas via the internet. All that’s needed is a laptop (or smartphone) and you’re live! It has become a reflection of a newer type of journalism – an appropriate innovation of the web for the 21st century – and it’s given a voice to the common man. Think about that for a second: Up until then, “all the news that’s fit to print” was dispersed by Media moguls who controlled the way information was disseminated (print, television, radio, etc.). Think of all the ‘news’ that is shoved down our throats daily. It’s all bad news mostly. I can’t watch a single news program without coming away depressed, angry, and/or annoyed. Who’s to tell me (and you) what news is anyway, and why is it controlled by conglomerates? With the web and, more importantly, with blogging, anyone can voice their ideas (obviously, companies have realized this too and have been trying to cash in.). If you don’t like certain blogs then just don’t read them (the way I haven’t watched a news program, at least regularly, in years). Maybe even more importantly, blogs can become a springboard for even more ideas and movements. Very powerful; very democratic. Knowing Louis, I’m sure this aspect of social media appealed to him greatly; I’m sure sharing the mechanics of doing this appealed to him as well. It’s no wonder he was so well respected among his peers

Thinking back now, I see how it fit Louis to a ‘T’. I remember when he told me he would start blogging. He was excited about it. Ten years ago it was in its infancy, and it was just like him to take hold of it and foresee it as the powerful medium it has become today.  He had a voice, he had ideas, and he saw blogging as an opportunity to share them; He saw blogging as being a foothold to bigger ideas and movements. He was right.

I’m just beginning to explore this ‘new’ medium, ten years on the heels of my brother. And while this is my first, humble, blog, I’m sure it won’t be my last.

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